Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical Surveys

Uglemetan offers many different types of geophysical surveys.  These include seismic surveys and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT).  These surveys can be offered on a turnkey basis, where Uglemetan provides all necessary manpower and equipment and provides the study results in a report to the client.  As an alternative, Uglemetan can train your staff, or other local manpower, to perform the surveys.  For that option we would make recommendations as to the equipment and instrumentation which would be required for performing the survey(s).  Even if you perform the survey(s) yourself, we can continue to support your staff with interpretive services for data which you have gathered.  Other alternatives can also be considered.  Contact us and we can discuss the best options for your organization.

Seismic – surveys from the surface

Seismic surveys performed from the surface can provide coal mining companies with considerable detail regarding their coal seams and related geologic structures.  These surveys go far beyond core drilling and provide a continuous picture of the coal to be mined.  Small faults can be defined so they do not create problems when the coal is being mined – whether in surface mines or underground mines.  Underground mines can benefit from additional knowledge regarding the roof rock.


Seismic – underground in-mine surveys

In some cases Uglemetan was not satisfied with seismic surveys from the surface so they developed an in-mine method for performing seismic surveys underground.  This approach provides more detail since the data gathering is performed right at the area of interest.

The schematic below shows the results of one such in-mine seismic survey.  This schematic is a plan view of the roof rock overlying a longwall panel before it was mined.  One can see that there are numerous zones (designated A-J in the schematic) where the mine roof rock had physical/mechanical properties that varied from the norm, as expressed by the differences in seismic wave velocities in those zones.


Receiver line

seismic waves velocity scale:


                                               2 km/s                                         3 km/s                                            4 km/s


The seismic in-mine survey described above was performed with cables connecting the various geophones which sensed the seismic waves.  Uglemetan is now developing an easier and faster system for producing in-mine surveys.  They have received certification from the Russian mine safety regulators for use of a wireless seismic system which uses radio waves to transmit the data to a recording station.  This system is currently undergoing testing (2017) and will be commercially available in the near future.