Desorption Tests

Set of Desorption Tanks

desorb4The set can be utilized for a research into sorption properties of coal both in laboratory and field conditions. It includes 4 tanks and 24 canisters for storage and uses samples of coal for the laboratory purposes.

Field testing:

Uglemetan has already succesfully completed the first field tests of boreholes, which were performed on the Taldinsky deposit fields and on Chertinskaya mine allotment in Kuznetsk coal basin of Russian Federation.The results of these tests are currently being interpreted.

In addition, Uglemetan also regularly performs desorption and permeability tests of coal seams and will be able to perform them in Russia and CIS countries per the request of coal companies.

Uglemetan will present the analyzed data in a form of technical reports, which will be written in Russian for Russian and CIS companies and in English for foreign entities. Report will include sections describing the geology of coal gas deposits, well bore designs and methods necessary to investigate filtration and/or reservoir properties of coal seams, estimate outputs on permeability or gas content and their interpretation.

Uglemetan may perform the following additional activities per client’s request:

  • Investigate potential for a gas liberation volumes increase from mining rocks under the physical-chemical impact.
  • Estimate the effect of gain-frequency characteristics and hydrodynamic impact source location in the wellbore on the filtration properties of a mining rock massif.
  • Analyze the role of coal structure on the movement of methane through coal seams under the hydrodynamic impulse impact.
  • Shape quantitative and qualitative criteria for a hydrodynamic impulse effective impact.