Carbon Documentation Preparation

Carbon Documentation Development (PIN and PDD)

Uglemetan can prepare carbon documentation – Project Idea Notes (PIN) and Project Design Documents (PDD), in compliance with the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol, the Marrakesh Agreements and UNFCCC:

Both the PIN and PDD are specific types of documentation necessary for carrying out a joint implementation project (JI). A PIN is a brief description of a potential project showing its key features, such as expected emission reduction, technology and expected project costs. A PDD is a crucial element of a potential JI project. It is a precise description of the proposed project consisting of a detailed project description, a baseline study, a monitoring plan, stakeholders’ comments and an analysis of ecological, socio-economic and development effects. Preparation of a PDD requires solving the following tasks:

  • estimation of CMM resources and analysis of economic and technological aspects of its utilization;
  • developing and demonstrating the viability of a methane utilization layout and technology:
    • CMM Utilization in Gas-Fired Generators (Production of Electricity and Heat)
    • CMM Utilization in Modular Heating Plants (Production of Heat)
    • catalytic oxidation of low concentration CMM (Production of Electricity and Heat)
  • determining a base line of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • calculation of emission reduction units (ERUs) generated by the project activity;
  • demonstration of additionality;
  • development of a monitoring plan;
  • economic analysis of degasification and CMM utilization projects;
  • search for investors/buyers of ERUs;
  • monitoring ERU prices; and
  • development of a JI project realization strategy.


Following are some representative greenhouse gas emission inventory projects which Uglemetan has completed:

  • Development of carbon documentation for a JI project on optimizing degasification systems at coal mines of Severstal-Resource;
  • Russian Federation – Removing Barriers to Coal Mine Methane Recovery & Utilization, a project funded by UNDP and GEF;
  • Building Capacity for Effective Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol in Kuznetsk Coal Basin of Russian Federation, a project funded by GOF.