Development of carbon documentation for Severstal-Resource

Development of carbon documentation (PIN, PDD) for Severstal-Resource

Uglemetan initiated creation of a consortium for a large JI project for Severstal-Resource. The consortium included the Institute of Coal and Coal Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Wardell-Armstrong, IT Power of Great Britain and Ulgemetan, who led the consortium.

The consortium has developed a PIN and a PDD for a project of optimizing degas systems at mines of Vorkutaugol, a daughter company of Severstal-Resource.

The consortium has carefully analyzed all data relating to the project and prepared all necessary documentation for submission to the UNFCCC, such as:

  • Defining average market prices for Russian ERU’s,
  • Defining a range of potential buyers for the project (To assess interest of potential buyers the consortium held a market study),
  • Agreements and assistance in negotiations,
  • Development of carbon documentation (A set of documents for the utilization project included a set of documentation in compliance with UNFCCC standards, including PIN, PDD, letters of approval, validation and verification documents.),
  • Assistance in validating and approving the project by the Russian government and UNFCCC,
  • Securing effective communication between the buyer and the seller within the JI project.


The project was successfully completed.