Investment Opportunities

Opportunities for Foreign Investment

There are many commercially successful projects that recover and use CMM in many coal producing areas of the world; some of the most often cited projects are in the U.S., Australia, and England. These projects recover methane for pipeline injection, cofire it with coal in boilers to produce heat and/or electricity, or use it in internal combustion engines or turbines. Coal mines in Russia’s Pechora Basin have been successfully recovering and using CMM for many years in boilers at the mines. With adequate capital investment, including equipment and technical training, CMM projects in the Kuzbass could likewise be successful. Foreign investment is needed, however, to make this possible.

The staff at Uglemetan has the expertise to help foreign investors understand the steps necessary to undertake a CMM project in the Kuzbass.


Potential Markets for CMM in the Kuzbass

Most of the coal produced from Kuzbass mines is exported outside the region, while low-quality coal and coke oven gas are used locally. The Kemerovo region uses more than 3 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, primarily for industrial purposes such as ferrous metallurgy and petrochemicals. Most of this gas must be transported from the Tyumen gas fields approximately 400 km to the northwest.

CMM could substitute for conventional natural gas that is currently used by various industries. It could also supplant a portion of the coal that is used to generate electricity and provide heat for residences, commercial facilities and industry. Hundreds of boilers that currently burn coal could cofire coal mine methane.